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Information about Colorado MMJ

We are caregivers servicing patients in Denver and the Northern Suburbs.

We are selective about who we serve because we like to build personal relationships with our patients.

So Why Choose Colorado MMJ?

Strains grown to your needs

If you know that a specific strain works for you, we will locate it and grow it if we don't have it. If you aren't sure what works for you yet, we will help you determine what strains might be helpful by trying out different ones based on your condition.

Organic and Hydroponically grown medicine

Some people prefer pure organically grown medicine. Others say there is no difference. If you have a preference, we will grow it the way you like it.

Consistent Quality

We pay attention to our plants multiple times every day. We do not harvest before the plants are at their prime. We flush properly and allow for proper drying and curing time so you are not overpaying for wet bud that still tastes like fertilizer and isn't very potent.

Personal Attention

We have strong relationships with our current patients and hope to have that with new patients as well. Besides growing to your needs, we offer free delivery, growing advice, and reasonable pricing. We never charge our patients more than $300 and ounce.


We have several years of experience as caregivers and growers. Maybe not as much as some, but we are commited to continuously learning more and providing better service.

If you need to ask any questions, or are interested in having us as your caregiver, let us know at


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